Matthew Shang

Comments on UW (CSE/MATH/general) courses

There's not much information out there about the grad classes (marked with *), so I hope this is useful. My experiences with 300-level CSE courses are probably outdated as a lot of those classes have been recently restructured.

Winter 2024

Autumn 2023

Notes: Moderate workload. Started doing research under Gilbert!

Spring 2023

Notes: Moderate to heavy workload. Started attending research group meetings.

Winter 2023

Notes Would've been a moderate workload, but TAing takes a surprising amount of time because of the administrativa involved.

Autumn 2022

Spring 2022

Notes: Very heavy workload. Don't recommend this schedule.

Winter 2022

Notes: Strange quarter because the first half was fully remote.

Autumn 2021

Notes: Light to moderate workload. Successful first in-person quarter at college! I fortunately finished recruiting early in the quarter, started working out, and learned a lot about living more independently.

Spring 2021

Notes: Fully virtual quarter. I don't recommend this schedule, although without chemistry I think it would be fine. Spent what little free time I had preparing for ICPC.

Winter 2021

Notes: Fully virtual quarter.

Autumn 2020

Notes: Fully virtual quarter.